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Indian Insurance industry overview

India’s insurance market is expected to reach $ 280 billion in size from its current size of $ 60 billion. India’s insurance penetration rate is 3.69 % far below the global average rate, which is 6.2%. As a result, Indian insurance sector still has large underserved market. This is being driven by increasing awareness, guaranteed and innovative products. As someone who’s looking to ride this money wave through employment, one of the simplest job you can consider is that of an insurance agent.

About Insurance advisor

An insurance advisor is an intermediary who brings together the insurance company and the customer and helps in generating a sale. Furthermore, the advisor is tasked with advising clients on the right product, assisting in filling up of forms, helping clients at the time of a claim, etc. Thus, an advisor plays multiple roles.


Why people choose a career in insurance?

Individuals build a career in insurance because of the various benefits it has. As a financial planner, individuals can 

  • Start Earning at the Age of 18

  • Start your own business with Zero Investment

  • Be their own boss and work as per their own will

  • Have an opportunity to earn unlimited income

  • Earn rewards and recognitions beyond the attractive commission earned on the policies

·         Make a Difference in People’s Lives

Steps to become an insurance advisor–

As per the guidelines laid down by the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority), there is a process of becoming an advisor. To become an advisor you have to register yourself with a particular insurance company, undergo a specified insurance training, sit for an examination at a specified venue and pass the examination. Once you follow this process and clear the examination, you can become an insurance advisor.

Let’s understand the process –

 There are two specific eligibility criteria to become an advisor:

  • You should be at least 18 years old

  • You should have passed at least Class 10th.

Anyone who fulfills these basic criteria, can enroll to become an agent with any insurance company. Thus, insurance agency promises jobs for fresher’s, part time jobs for graduates, jobs for college students. Even housewives and retired individuals can opt for an insurance agency.


  • If you meet the qualifying criteria, you have to enroll for the agency.

  • You have to submit your KYC details and documents and register with an insurance company whose advisor you want to become

  • After you have successfully registered, you have to undergo a training program of a specified duration. The duration depends on the type of agency which you want. This training is a class-room training which should be taken offline

  • There is an examination held after your training. This examination is prescribed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). You can take the exam online.

  • If the exam is cleared you can get your license and become an advisor.

Once you enroll with any insurance company to become an advisor, you need to clear an IRDAI exam as well, to get your license to sell insurance policies.


What does an insurance agent earn?

An insurance agent earns a payout on the amount of premium generated by him. Different insurance plans have a different payout structure. As an insurance agent, you can earn a payout ranging from 5% to 35% of the premium you bring in from different insurance policies.

Other than payout from your first year premiums, you would also be able to earn from your renewal earning. Renewal earning for insurance agents, which depends on the products as well ranging from 2% to 7.5%. Life insurance agents would have a completely different renewal commission structure from general insurance agents.

Moreover, there are rewards and recognition programs for agents who perform well. These programs allow insurance agents to earn extra payouts, gifts, gift vouchers and also international trips.


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